Other Important Therapies

  1. Orthopedic Manual Physiotherapy

There are many types of injuries physical therapists face, including musculoskeletal injuries, impacting the hips, shoulders, knees, neck, or back, causing pain and limited movement.

Precisely, this orthopedic technique is aimed at treating people who suffer from this type of injury, regardless of age and the causes of them

Another interesting aspect is that, through touch and the maneuvers typical of orthopedic physiotherapy, it is possible to diagnose new injuries or learn more about the characteristics of those already diagnosed, which is the starting point of a solid corrective and curative treatment. .

  1. Respiratory Physiotherapy

It encompasses multiple procedures that seek to eliminate airway obstructions caused by neuromuscular diseases such as dystrophies.

Once they fulfill the function of unblocking, these practices improve the functioning of the muscles that make up the respiratory system, which allow gas exchange and respiration.

This physiotherapy technique also serves to re-educate the breathing dynamics of people who have required medical interventions or who have experienced limitations as a result of a certain pathology.

  1. Hydrotherapy

This is one of the physiotherapy techniques that is performed using physical agents.

Specifically, it consists of using water as a therapeutic method , reducing muscle pain and inflammation and contributing to the dilation of blood vessels, which has a relaxing effect.

In turn, hydrotherapy is made up of two main practices: hydrokinesitherapy (execution of exercises in water) and thalassotherapy (use of the marine environment and climate).

  1.  Bandage: Functional And Neuromuscular

The functional bandage is one in which adhesive strips (elastic or not) are placed on the affected areas of the body, through which certain movements are limited without completely eliminating the motor capacity of people.

It is used to recover injured structures in a more accelerated way and also to prevent injuries from advancing to a greater degree.

Meanwhile, the neuromuscular bandage is carried out by means of cotton tapes together with acrylic adhesives that immobilize the muscles from the areas in which they are born until their insertion.

This practice is applied to limit pain, reduce inflammation, and help recover from acute damage .

Well! You already know what the main physiotherapy techniques are and what they are about.

If you are passionate about helping others and understand how valuable and useful these maneuvers are, you can choose to study the Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy career .

Thanks to this degree you will know and master all these techniques and many other practices to provide well-being, prevent injuries and treat different illnesses that affect the body, movement and quality of life.

The importance of physiotherapy lies in the fact that each year, millions of people suffer an injury or have a surgical procedure and the treatment that the body needs for these situations is physiotherapy.

A good physiotherapist will be able to identify what type of injury you have or what impact the surgery generated on the patient’s body, therefore, they will know which physiotherapy program is the most convenient.

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