Nerve Injuries & Conditions

Physical Therapists Specializing in Nerve Conditions

One of the most fascinating and complex structures in the human body is that of nerves. Any effort to describe what they do can fall short of their amazing ability. Nerve injuries and conditions are pretty common, but they require a specific approach in order to heal.

  • The central nervous system includes the brain and the spinal cord that runs through our bony spine to our tailbone.
  • The peripheral nervous system consists of all the nerves that branch off from the spinal cord and are embedded to reach all corners of our body.
  • In physical therapy, we mostly work with the peripheral nerves, but we also address problems at the junction of the spinal cord and the peripheral nerve and, sometimes, the spinal cord itself.

Dynamic Physical Therapy's best attempt at describing the function of the nervous system is as follows: the nervous system's function is to transport impulses and chemicals from the brain to all other parts of the body and circle back again to the brain. The nervous system is pivotal in protecting us from injury and it is also integral in our representation as individuals. It is a very important and complicated system in the human body.

Injury to nerves can be the result of an abrupt accident or can be due to repeating assaults over a period of time. In general, nerves are well-protected and resistant to injury but there are limits. Nerves are not elastic, so the free movement of nerves in our spines, arms, and legs is essential to avoid injuries. When a nerve gets “caught, pinched or tethered,” this results in an injury. Our physical therapists can often help establish the normal movement of the injured nerves, which is very important to healing. We use a variety of techniques to establish normal movement of injured nerves, from eliminating the source of the movement restriction to the mobilization of the nerve itself.

Under specific circumstances, surgery is required to establish normal nerve movement or to remove obstructions such as disc material, bony growth, or thickened ligaments. However, it is always best to exhaust all other non-invasive options. Furthermore, it is very important to understand that the majority of nerve injuries develop slowly over a period of time and this process can be stopped or reversed by following an appropriate physical therapy plan, in the early stages of the condition.

At Dynamic Physical Therapy, our physical therapists specialize in the evaluation and treatment of nerve conditions. We develop individual treatment plans that are highly effective and we work directly with your physician for optimal results.

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