Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain

Back pain and problems related to the spine are both common and troublesome. You may experience upper back pain, lower back pain, and sometimes both. It has been estimated that 80% of all people in the western world will consult their health care provider for back pain during their adult life. Most cases of back pain are not serious. The pain and upset to their existing lifestyle are serious, but it is not damaging to your body's tissues. Your body’s ability to heal back injuries is very powerful, and usually, the pain and limited mobility will disappear in a few days.

If back pain persists for more than a few days without improvement, an action such as upper back pain physical therapy and lower back pain physical therapy must be taken. At Dynamic Physical Therapy, we are able to develop custom treatment plans to help relieve patients of their back pain. Our approach incorporates those elements that have the strongest medical evidence. Most treatment plans consist of patient education, specific exercise prescription, manual therapy, and various modalities like traction and electrical stimulation. Our treatment plans are designed after we perform a thorough interview and evaluation. Every patient is unique in their needs, so each treatment plan should be different, too. It is this individualized approach that sets us apart from other back pain physical therapy providers in Northwestern Michigan.

More involved back problems include those where nerves are irritated or damaged and problems involving reduced stability of small areas of the lower back. These conditions can often be treated with great success in physical therapy. For these conditions and many others, surgical options also exist. As conscientious health care providers, we advocate non-operative care before surgery. Many back issues can be resolved through physical therapy. Surgery should be reserved only for those individuals who have exhausted all other options and have well-defined spinal problems. In rare circumstances patients should consider surgery immediately; these conditions are recognized by your primary health care provider and they should refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Neck Pain

Neck pain and neck injuries are unique. The anatomy and movement patterns of the neck are unlike other parts of the spine. At Dynamic Physical Therapy, our physical therapists possess the advanced knowledge and skills to properly assess your neck pain and create a personalized neck pain treatment program. Research has pointed out that manual therapy is highly effective for neck pain, and this is one of the areas in which we excel. We also teach our patients with neck injuries proper posture and specific exercises so they can play an integral role in his or her neck injury treatment plan.

Headache pain is common, but not many realize that headaches can be related to a neck injury. When you have a neck injury, aching, stiff joints, and muscle dysfunction can lead to headache pain and migraines. If you having frequent headache pains, the problem may actually be a neck injury and neck injury physical therapy may be vital to your healing process.

The neck is a relatively vulnerable area of the human body and it is best entrusted to professionals who possess the skills and knowledge to efficiently and safely help you overcome your neck pain and neck injury.

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