The staff here is very friendly and creates an atmosphere to not only encourage healing but that welcomes you and makes you feel immediatly comfortable. Great group of people.

Ann Clous

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The problem caused by Shoulder and Arm Injuries
Knee and Leg Injuries prevent activities
“The Text Neck”
Public Act 260 "Direct Access Law"
Pain During A Pregnancy
Injuries from Winter Activities
Pain After Breast Cancer Surgery
Student Athlete related Injuries
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Diagnosing The Cause Of Pain
Post-Operation Shoulder Recovery
TMJ and its connection to headaches
Direct Access Law
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Yard Work And Pain that it can cause
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Misconceptions about Joint Popping & Cracking
Helping to Ease Chronic Pain With Dynamic Physical Therapy
Dynamic Physical Therapy Helps Relieve Fibromyalgia

Medicare News

Gus Meyjes Attends 2010 APTA Federal Advocacy Forum
CMS Issues Final Rules On Medicare Reimbursements for FY 2008
CMS Requests Post-Acute-Care Reform Comments
Proposed Rule Aims to Limit DMEPOS Fraud
SCHIP Bills Advance Before Congressional Recess
NCPA Refutes Preposterous CMS' Claims About New Medicaid Reimbursement Rule

New Programs

Aqua Therapy in Manistee
Dynamic Internship Opportunities
Dynamic PT Offers Free Athletic Injury Screenings

News About Team Members

Dynamic Physical Therapy opens TC clinic
Huge Dose of Adrenaline Rush - Gus Meyjes in the News
Dr. Peter Huijbregts - An Extraordinary Physical Therapist & Mentor

Physical Therapy in the News

Diagnosing Nerve Pain
Text Neck May Lead to Long Term Health Issues
Direct Access For Patients Needing Physical Therapy Now Available
October is National Physical Therapy Month!
9 and 10 News Visits Dynamic Physical Therapy for National Physical Therapy Month
Landmark Study: Direct Access to PTs Associated With Lower Costs, Fewer Visits
Getting Fit Without the Pain
Physical Therapy for Individuals with Parkinson's Disease: A Paradigm Shift
Dynamic Physical Therapy Received High Marks in National Survey of Health Care Providers
Physical Therapy Aids in the Recovery from Summer Sports-Related Injuries
PT An Effective Option For Back & Neck Pain
Initiative Seeks People With Disabilities for Employment
New Findings in Physical Therapy

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Dynamic Physical Therapy Gets a New Website!
Great Leadership & Career Opportunity!
Dynamic is the smartest choice for your physical therapy care.

At Dynamic Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are the most experienced and educated in physical therapy treatments. We have six locations throughout Northern Michigan in Cadillac, Manistee, Gaylord, Marion, Buckley and Traverse City. We are the most recommended Northern Michigan physical therapy center for upper and lower back pain. We also specialize in neck pain, knee pain, arm pain and hand pain, and our physical therapists and aides can help relieve your pain in the most effective way possible. For orthopedic treatment and aquatic therapy, rehab for sports related injuries like shoulder injuries and foot injuries, physical therapy for Cerebral Palsy, stroke rehabilitation, therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and arthritis relief, and even jaw pain treatment, Dynamic Physical Therapy is the smartest choice for comprehensive physical therapy care and physical rehabiliation services.