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Gus Meyjes Attends 2010 APTA Federal Advocacy Forum

Cadillac, Michigan – Cadillac physical therapist, Gus Meyjes, PT, attended the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) 2010 Federal Advocacy Forum in Washington, DC, on April 25th to ask legislators for their support on several bills affecting Medicare and other issues.

Patients participating in Medicare currently have limited access to physical therapy due to a cap on rehabilitation services. When Medicare patients receive physical therapy, they may be unable to complete their care or access these services later in the same year.

Gus Meyjes believes it is important for Medicare patients to receive the full amount of physical therapy treatment they need.

"Our elderly are frequently lacking the very care needed in order to keep their independence and ability to move about freely," said Meyjes. “These bills will dramatically improve access to physical rehabilitation services for the citizens who need them the most. One of the bills in committee would permanently repeal this cap.”

Physical therapists at the forum also lobbied for direct access of rehabilitation services, allowing patients to receive physical therapy treatment without needing a referral from a physician. Meyjes believes direct access would help reduce healthcare costs and improve rehabilitation care for Medicare patients.

“Currently, citizens within 44 states have direct access to physical therapy care. Direct access to physical therapy has repeatedly proven to reduce healthcare expenses and delays in care, with no detriment to quality. Unfortunately, when a patient becomes of Medicare accessible age, this patient under the current law can no longer access physical therapy directly. The bill in committee would bring Medicare in line with the current practice of 44 states and our Military, where direct access has been practiced for several years,” said Meyjes.

Over 250 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and students of physical therapy attended this year’s forum to instill the importance of repealing the physical therapy cap and improving rehabilitation access for Medicare patients. Meyjes hopes the decisions made and actions taken will have a significant impact on Michigan laws.

“We hope that our legislators will support these bills and sign on as co-sponsors, so that their most vulnerable constituents can be assured of access to the very services necessary to improve their ability to function independently,” stated Meyjes.

For more information about the APTA 2010 Federal Advocacy Forum, visit www.apta.org.

Gus Meyjes (2nd from left) with other physical therapists and Senator Stabenow (center)

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