The therapy has helped me a great deal. In reality, age and arthritis are two factors I have to consider and may always have to deal with. However, I can now sit comfortably, bend down and pick up things more easily. I no longer have to depend on family to take care of my regular duties. Thank you.

Mary A. Funk

Dynamic Physical Therapy Received High Marks in National Survey of Health Care Providers

Northern Michigan’s Dynamic Physical Therapy recently ranked exceptionally well in a July outcomes report from Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO), a nationwide reporting service and outcomes database for health care providers. FOTO’s outcomes reporting allows participants to review patient evaluations, measuring Functional Health Status, Utilization Index, necessary duration of treatment, shifts in prescription medication usage and more.

Compared to the average scores of the 1900 other health care providers who participated in the survey, Dynamic Physical Therapy outranked them across the board. In the Functional Health Status category, which is the change in physical health status of patients receiving rehabilitation, Dynamic ranked 18% above average. Regarding their Utilization Index score, the amount of change in health status per visit, the report showed that Dynamic Physical Therapy’s patients improve twice as fast per visit than the national average. The report also indicated that Dynamic is able to treat their patients in under half the duration of the average health care provider. Even regarding prescription medication usage, the total number of Dynamic’s patients who are able to discontinue use after treatment is 22% higher than the average participant.

For obvious reasons the team at Dynamic Physical Therapy is very excited about the scores they received from this report.

“Our Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistance work very hard to provide the highest level of care to our patients”, Commented Gus Meyjes, Vice President of Dynamic Physical Therapy. “To be recognized for this effort is wonderful, but our excitement in learning the extent of our ranking on a nationally level is a reflection of our dedication and passion. We are so proud of our entire team”.

Though these scores are impressive on their own, they are even more remarkable when the severity of patients’ physical health prior to treatment is taken into consideration. According to FOTO’s survey, 32.4% of Dynamic’s patients are considered to have “very severe” Functional Health Status at the beginning of rehabilitation. A large 47% (18% above average) of their patients have had at least one surgery prior to treatment, along with 53% (18% below average) exercising less than one time per week. Even with their patients in worse condition at the start of treatment, Dynamic Physical Therapy is able to fully rehabilitate them more effectively than the rest.


Dynamic is the smartest choice for your physical therapy care.

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