Phyiscal therapy gave me hope that I will get my life back, and it is! Thank you to everyone here.

Michelle Hansen

Stroke Rehabilitation Treatment Through Physical Therapy in Northern Michigan

If you or a loved one have suffered from a stroke and are in need of physical rehabilitation, Dynamic Physical Therapy is the best place for stroke rehabilitation in Northern Michigan. At Dynamic Physical Therapy, we have physical therapists and assistants who have extensive training in stroke rehabilitation. Our physical therapists assess the patient's physical limitations and develop individualized stroke rehabilitation treatments helping to improve the stroke patient's strength, range of motion, endurance and overall physical condition.

For most stroke patients, it is important to carry out physical rehabilitation treatment not only at the clinic, but also at home. Dynamic's physical therapists help stroke patients and their families learn the proper at-home stroke rehabilitation techniques so you can continue to work on strengthening the muscles of stroke-impaired limbs. Our stroke rehab physical therapy plans consist of selective sensory stimulation, like stroking the muscles, full range-of-motion exercises and restraint of healthy limbs in order to build the strength of the stroke-impaired limbs. Some stroke rehabilitation treatments include exercises like walking up and down stairs, aqua therapy and coordination improvement.

At Dynamic, we know that strokes can be challenging for both the patient and his or her family and, therefore, strive to offer the most advanced stroke rehabilitation programs at all of our clinics. It is important to us that you regain full ability in stroke-impaired limbs, so we will work with you for as long as it takes to get you back your quality of life. For the best stroke rehab physical therapy treatment in Northern Michigan, contact Dynamic Physical Therapy. We currently have offices in Gaylord, Manistee, Cadillac, Buckley, Marion and Traverse City.


Dynamic is the smartest choice for your physical therapy care.

At Dynamic Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are the most experienced and educated in physical therapy treatments. We have six locations throughout Northern Michigan in Cadillac, Manistee, Gaylord, Marion, Buckley and Traverse City. We are the most recommended Northern Michigan physical therapy center for upper and lower back pain. We also specialize in neck pain, knee pain, arm pain and hand pain, and our physical therapists and aides can help relieve your pain in the most effective way possible. For orthopedic treatment and aquatic therapy, rehab for sports related injuries like shoulder injuries and foot injuries, physical therapy for Cerebral Palsy, stroke rehabilitation, therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and arthritis relief, and even jaw pain treatment, Dynamic Physical Therapy is the smartest choice for comprehensive physical therapy care and physical rehabiliation services.