I've had many healthcare encounters, but none as great as Dynamic Physical Therapy. It feels like family here, and I'm a little sad to graduate, but I feel great!

Dr. Krystal K Johnston, MD, Pediatrics

Physical Therapy: Physical Therapists & Treatment in Northern Michigan

With locations in six communities of Northern Michigan, Dynamic Physical Therapy is a physical therapy healthcare facility specializing in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system (any problems relating to the muscles or bones). Our physical therapy treatment focus is on a non-surgical, interactive form of healthcare emphasizing patient-centered and very individualized, compassionate care provided by expertly trained professional physical therapists. Dynamic Physical Therapy comes highly recommended by other orthopedic doctors in Northern Michigan. Our physical therapists are working toward solving Northern Michigan's physical ailments through the practice of physical therapy, aiming to restore joint srength, movement, balance and coordination.

Our goal is to preserve and repair maximum mobility and function to your musculoskeletal system throughout your life. This can include physical therapy offered by physical therapists in cases where regular movement and function is threatened by natural aging, injury, or disease. Dynamic Physical Therapy provides physical therapy treatments throughout Northern Michigan region that include whirlpool baths, ultrasound, mobilization, manipulation, & both heat and cold. We utilize electrical stimulation to restore function, improve mobility, and decrease pain with an ultimate goal of restoring original functional level. Some of our physical therapy treatments involve educating Northern Michigan patients to learn how to live with a current physical problem and prevent it from recurring. Some hands-on physical therapy treatments like massage or joint mobilization skills, are often used. 

At Dynamic Physical Therapy in Northern Michigan, all of our physical therapists are licensed professionals with doctorates or masters degrees in physical therapy. We ensure that our qualified physical therapists of Northern Michigan are in charge of direct patient care and physical therapy treatment. Often in the field of physical therapy, a person with extensive experience will be "promoted" to a position where they do more paperwork and less patient care. The physical therapists of Dynamic Physical Therapy in Northern Michigan disagree; our best-trained and most effective physical therapists are the caregivers we want providing your physical therapy treatments.

For physical therapy treatment in Northern Michigan, Dynamic Physical Therapy in Manistee, Gaylord, Cadillac, Buckley, Marion and Traverse City, is the number one choice for physical therapy in Northern Michigan. Contact one of our offices today for professional physical therapy in Northern Michigan communities.


Dynamic is the smartest choice for your physical therapy care.

At Dynamic Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are the most experienced and educated in physical therapy treatments. We have six locations throughout Northern Michigan in Cadillac, Manistee, Gaylord, Marion, Buckley and Traverse City. We are the most recommended Northern Michigan physical therapy center for upper and lower back pain. We also specialize in neck pain, knee pain, arm pain and hand pain, and our physical therapists and aides can help relieve your pain in the most effective way possible. For orthopedic treatment and aquatic therapy, rehab for sports related injuries like shoulder injuries and foot injuries, physical therapy for Cerebral Palsy, stroke rehabilitation, therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and arthritis relief, and even jaw pain treatment, Dynamic Physical Therapy is the smartest choice for comprehensive physical therapy care and physical rehabiliation services.