Aqua therapy has helped me resume most of my activities. My pain levels have dropped in half.


Work Injury Prevention Consulting

Therapy for Carpel Tunnel, Lifting Injuries, Work-Related Pain, & Fitness

WorkSTEPS is quickly expanding the reach of its provider network throughout the continental United States. WorkSTEPS has access to over 1,000 locations in the majority of the states and is adding new locations monthly.

  1. Belonging to the WorkSTEPS network provides the following benefits to its providers:
  2. Consistency of product and service in all locations;
  3. Large national database to support any challenge;
  4. National name/product recognition;
  5. Legal support to providers and companies (ADA);
  6. Ability to serve industry in all locations with consistent product;
  7. Corporate marketing support to attain new industrial relationships;
  8. Corporate referrals from multi-regional employers;
  9. Educational meetings to advance knowledge in the field of industrial medicine; and
  10. Collegiality of like-minded professionals dedicated to learning how to better serve industrial clients.

Core Component Features of the WorkSTEPS System FCE

  • Carpal Tunnel Testing
  • Maximum Effort Lifting
  • Non-Material Handling Activities
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Pain Profile
  • PERCEIVED Exertion Testing
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Level
  • Inappropriate Illness Behavior
  • Symptom Magnification Testing
  • Validation Parameters
  • Endurance Projections
  • Job Specific Testing
  • Job Status Report
  • Static Testing

Dynamic Physical Therapy proudly serves the Northern Michigan region including Buckley, Cadillac, Gaylord, Manistee, Marion, Traverse City, and surrounding areas.

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At Dynamic Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are the most experienced and educated in physical therapy treatments. We have six locations throughout Northern Michigan in Cadillac, Manistee, Gaylord, Marion, Buckley and Traverse City. We are the most recommended Northern Michigan physical therapy center for upper and lower back pain. We also specialize in neck pain, knee pain, arm pain and hand pain, and our physical therapists and aides can help relieve your pain in the most effective way possible. For orthopedic treatment and aquatic therapy, rehab for sports related injuries like shoulder injuries and foot injuries, physical therapy for Cerebral Palsy, stroke rehabilitation, therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and arthritis relief, and even jaw pain treatment, Dynamic Physical Therapy is the smartest choice for comprehensive physical therapy care and physical rehabiliation services.