I have been having the same issues for 10 years and have gone to three other PT's. The team in Gaylord not only showed me how to help myself, they were wonderful in their ability to zero in on the problem.

Kathleen Arndt

TMJ or Jaw Pain

TMJ | Pain and Dysfunction in the Jaw Joint and Muscles

TMJ, or Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. Common symptoms of TMJ include pain at the side of the face or jaw and problems opening and closing the mouth. Eating is often painful and problematic for patients with TMJ problems.

For most people the TMJ problem is a temporary annoyance and resolves without treatment. For some, however, the pain is ongoing and TMJ treatment is needed. The underlying causes for TMJ pain are often difficult to pinpoint. Contributing factors include bruxism (grinding teeth), stress and problems with alignment of the teeth.

At Dynamic Physical Therapy our approach is straightforward. First we sit down for an in-depth interview with the patient, than we perform a very detailed examination of the jay joint and neck. The neck and then jaw joints work together and both should be examined carefully in patients with jaw pain. The information from the interview and exam is used to develop a custom-designed TMJ treatment plan, generally including TMJ physical therapy. 

Even though our treatment plans are unique to each patient's condition, some common components can be identified. These include education; it is essential that patients understand what is contributing to jaw pain and what they can do to change that. Manual TMJ physical therapy is used to eliminate any restriction of movement or muscle dysfunction. Many patients with jaw pain have tight joints in either the jaw or the neck. Many also have muscles that are not performing normally which stimulation and iontophoresis can be used to reduce jaw pain and support the TMJ treatment approach. Exercise is crucial and we will select the right exercises for each patient from a series of specialized jaw and neck exercises.

Jaw pain or TMJ can be a debilitating condition. At Dynamic Physical Therapy we welcome the opportunity to help you with this condition. Our physical therapists are expertly trained to help you and we work closely with your dentist and/or physician so you receive a comprehensive approach to your TMJ problem.

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