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Dr. Krystal K Johnston, MD, Pediatrics

Post Surgical Rehab

Optimal Management Plan for Surgery Rehabilitation

After surgery, your body has essentially sustained a major injury and your body’s healing process will kick into high gear. If this process is properly managed and supported your body will heal well and the results of the surgery will be reduced pain and improved function. The physical therapists at Dynamic Physical Therapy are post-surgery rehabilitation specialists and experts at developing an optimal management plan for you, post-surgery. Each step of the healing process requires a different set of components in your treatment plan, and you will need a professional to curate a specific treatment plan on an individual basis.

Most commonly, we provide physical rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery (surgery to bones, joints, and muscles) but we also develop excellent physical rehabilitation programs for people that have undergone other kinds of surgery, too. Examples of this include abdominal surgery and cancer surgery.

The goal of post-surgical rehabilitation is to help our patients, to develop an individualized plan to support the body’s natural healing process, to eliminate problems that interfere with healing and to strengthen and condition the body so our patients can resume normal life activities with no pain or limitation.

A substantial part of the rehabilitation plan is patient education. We often function as a patient's “personal coach.” We will let you know which aspects of the healing process are expected and which are not. We also keep a close eye out for any post-surgical complications. We will communicate directly with your surgeon and other health care providers to ensure you get the best possible care.

Dynamic Physical Therapy proudly serves the Northern Michigan region including Buckley, Cadillac, Gaylord, Manistee, Marion, Traverse City, and surrounding areas.

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