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Headache and Migraine

Headache and Migraines Associated with Neck Pain

Incredibly common, headaches actually originate from neck problems. Several types of neck problems, like stiff joints and dysfunctions, commonly cause headaches. At Dynamic Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are expertly trained to thoroughly examine the neck to detect any problems that may be linked to headache pain. It's fairly common for the Dynamic Physical Therapy team to cure patients' headaches after they've been suffering from chronic headaches for extended time periods. The connection between neck problems and headaches is still widely unknown and not well-understood.

The key to creating an effective treatment plan for patients with headache pain is a thorough interview and physical examination. Analyzing the information from the interview and exam allows the physical therapist to design an effective headache pain treatment plan. All treatment plans are unique because all our patients are unique and all of their headache conditions are unique.

Interestingly, even patients diagnosed with migraine headaches often experience relief of their pain or the frequency of their pain episodes after they have completed our treatment plan. Even though our treatment plans for a headache are all different; common components can be identified. Education is crucial; patients need to understand how posture and stress, for instance, affect the neck and cause headaches. Furthermore, patients need to understand what they can do every day to promote normal neck posture and movement to minimize pain.

Manual Headache Therapy

Manual therapy is a common component in our headache treatment plans. We use manual therapy to eliminate movement restrictions and muscle dysfunction; these problems are usually at the core of headache development. Exercise and posture training is also important and exercise programs are custom-designed for each individual patient. If needed, we use modalities such as traction and electrical stimulation to support our headache pain physical therapy.

Finding the underlying causes of a headache is a great challenge to us at Dynamic Physical Therapy and we welcome the opportunity to help our patients suffering from headaches. Certainly, some patients suffering from headaches require other medical intervention including medication; but doesn’t it seem sensible to resolve neck problems that may be causing or contributing to a headache.

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