Michael Battaglia

Michael has been hard at work since he began as the administrator for Dynamic Physical Therapy in 2003. With educational training from Morraine Valley College, he continues to be a valuable asset to the Dynamic team.

Spending time with his wife, family, grandchildren and friends top the list of ways he spends his free time. He enjoys traveling with his wife visiting historic homes and landmarks around the country.

Michael is passionate about motorcycling and frequently takes cross country trips touring the back roads of America. Some of his trips have taken him as far as 6,000 miles from home. This is not his only passion, as he enjoys bicycling - both on road and mountain bike during the summer, as well as skiing, snowshoeing and biking in the winter. Target shooting is another of his many interests. 

A particular passion is music. Michael enjoys listening to live music, attending music festivals and concerts. He started to learn guitar at the tender age of 58 and enjoys it immensely.